About Shaolin Wahnam Singapore

Singapore is a small island-state just south of Malaysia, home to our school’s Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit. A highly urbanised country, Singapore has often been described as the West’s gateway to Asia, and is one of the most amazing successful stories in modern history.

Singapore – Garden City or city in a garden

We currently do not conduct regular classes but we do organise courses for Grandmaster Wong in Malaysia. If you are interested to attend a customised one-day course or longer course with Grandmaster Wong, please contact us at contact@shaolinwahnamsg.com.

As part of the international Shaolin Wahnam family (which spans every continent on Earth except the Antarctica), the members of Shaolin Wahnam Singapore interact with other family members during occasions such as weddings, and courses with Grandmaster Wong

Shaolin Wahnam Singapore was set up with the blessings of Grandmaster Wong in 2008. Singapore is home to several of Grandmaster Wong’s students (graduates of his intensive Qigong, Shaolinquan and Wahnam Taijiquan courses), but for far too long, there was no formal local presence of the Shaolin Wahnam Institute that would allow people living in Singapore to train together regularly or take classes. 

This website is a portal for the students of Grandmaster Wong and all sincere prospective students to learn and practice the Shaolin arts together.

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