Finding meaning during the COVID-19 (Singapore CB) period

The COVID-19 has disrupted the world in a way I would never have thought possible, and while the economy and jobs are being threatened, the benefits to nature, Mother Earth, have been tremendous. It took a crisis of this magnitude to force the consumer-crazy and industrial production-insane world to slow down, and allow the pollution […]

Qigong course with Grandmaster Wong from 22-23 June 2019

I will be leading a group of students to Penang, Malaysia, for a qigong course with Grandmaster Wong from 22-23 June June 2019. This course was organised on very short notice because of the urgent needs of some students. Those who are interested in joining the course may contact Grandmaster Wong’s secretary at Please […]

What is qigong (Chi Kung)

Qigong is made up of two words “Qi” and ‘Gong”. An incomplete definition of qi is “energy”. Qi is invisible to most people, and it has for the most part been difficult to detect it using current detection instruments. When detected, qi shows up as electromagnetic waves, heat, particle flows or a force that propels other visible […]

About Shaolin Wahnam Singapore

Singapore is a small island-state just south of Malaysia, home to our school’s Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit. A highly urbanised country, Singapore has often been described as the West’s gateway to Asia, and is one of the most amazing successful stories in modern history. We currently do not conduct regular classes but we do organise […]